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My favorite island activities…

HOOKIPA – HOSPITALITY (welcome to my island)

Having been born and raised on Maui, I have a unique perspective when it comes to my island home. Moreover, my family’s business is Hawaii’s premier sailboat activity TRILOGY EXCURSIONS and I was raised working behind the scenes from everything from answering phones, baking cinnamon rolls, and even crewing on the boats. (Here’s a pic of the original sailing Coon family- My grandpa Eldon and grandma Jeanette and their three kids, Randy, Jim and Patty and their spouses. My mom and dad are at the top right and I’m in the pic… just in my moms belly!)

Tourism is one of Maui’s leading industries and people all around the world come to Maui to enjoy it’s unique climate and culinary treasures. No wonder it’s been rated the number one island in the world by Conde Nast, and what better place to get married than on an island that has untouched nature, world class restaurants, and the top vendors from photography to florists.

The beauty of a destination wedding is that your guests can enjoy the island before and after the actual event and will have an incredible vacation they will always remember. As a Maui girl I believe in the Aloha Spirit and practicing the concept of Ho’okipa or hospitality. I’m so happy to share some of my top must do, must sees and my only request is that you cherish and honor these places too – Don’t take any rocks, or pieces of coral, and leave it better than you came- discard of your trash, Opala, wear reef safe sunscreen,and please be mindful and help keep Maui thriving and lush.

Best Activities: Maui has some great day adventures

TRILOGY EXCURSIONS: Obviously, this is the top pick for you if you are coming to Maui and not just because it’s my family business (and yes my WHOLE family (all my siblings and cousins still run this business! It’s a real family operation) – it’s a MUST DO.

Whether its a half day Molokini snorkel to explore the sunken half crater, or a full day to discover the private island of Lanai, the Trilogy experience will be a highlight of your vacation. (Also a great choice for private rehearsal dinners and even intimate weddings!)

MAUI SKYLINE ECO ADVENTURES: These guys do FUN right. Based up in the beautiful Olinda area on the slopes of Haleakala, or in Kaanapali, the sky line crew are super knowledgeable on the surrounding habitat and Hawaiian history. And the ziplines are FUUUNNN – just the right amount of thrill and adventure but always super safe.

MAUI CRAFT TOURS: See and taste Maui in a unique way! Must do for foodies and those wanting a slightly off the beaten path tourist experience. Great way to see, taste, and love what Maui has to offer in a way that fills all the senses.

OLD LAHAINA LUAU: If you are wanting a taste of culture, there are lots of Luaus out there and they will have somewhat of the same theme – Hula dancing and Hawaiian food and free flow Mai Tais – but this Luau is really the best. The food is authentic, the dancers are authentic, and the Mai Tais… well I can’t vouch for them – but it’s still free flow I believe. Definitely need to make reservations in advance for this one.

MAUI WINE – ULUPALAKUA WINERY: I love driving up through the cool, crisp air of Kula to Maui Wine’s vineyards at Ulupalakua Ranch! You can tour the vineyards, and enjoy their tasting rooms. Be sure to check out their pineapple wine!

SUNRISE AT HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK: Hands down one of the most beautiful things you can see in your life is a stunning sunrise at the summit of Haleakala – it means House of the Sun in Hawaiian! Watching the sun break over a sea of clouds, surrounded by stunning colors, it feels like another world. Definitely bundle up – it’s cold up there on the mountain! Also, make sure you make a reservation with the park service at the link above!

So there you have it—my top recommendations for activities! I hope you enjoy my island as much as I love living here. It really is the most spiritual and grounded place for me—and combined with amazing food, hikes, and little day adventures, it’s no wonder it’s the best island in the world! Maui has my heart and my soul. Some little tips: wear sunscreen, but please make sure its reef safe if you are in the ocean, and if you jump in some ponds, keep the sunscreen for after as it will build up in the water over time. Stay hydrated! Annnnddd…. just be kind and spread the Aloha Spirit! I’ll see you out there.

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