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The Best Places to Explore Outdoors!

Maui has some of the best hikes EVER! From the Waihee Ridge trail on the Northwest coast, to the Waimoku Falls hike at Seven Sacred Pools in Hana on the East side, to the King’s Trail on the South Coast past Wailea, there’s something beautiful to explore on every corner of our island!

Waihe’e Ridge (pic of me hiking it!) – good description here by Maui Hikes! This hike is a great workout, and the scenery is full of diverse plant life and sweeping views of the lush green mountain valleys. You can also see out over the sprawl of the city to one side, and the expanse of deep blue ocean all across the horizon.

Kings Trail (Hoapili Trail) – a nice write up by Moon Maui guide. This Trail was once only allowed to be traversed by Hawaiian royalty (hence the name!) The hike itself is pretty hot and dry (be sure to bring water and good shoes!) but it takes you along some of the most secluded and beautiful beaches on the island, with amazing turquoise water for snorkeling.

Makawao Forest Reserve – by Maui Goodness (a good resource for other Maui activities). There’s a couple of different options for hiking on this trail – so if you’re feeling like a 2 mile trek or a 5 mile excursion, the Makawao forest gives you flexibility! It’s a little cooler upcountry, and the lush forest can be a lovely break from long days in the sunshine at the beach. Plus, you’ll get to see a ton of our beautiful plant life!

Twin Falls – Follow the link for their official site! Twin falls is a fun place to explore, with multiple trails and waterfalls to discover. There’s also a farm that you can take a tour of, and a brightly painted stand that sells everything from fresh banana bread to local tropical fruit to non-dairy coconut ice cream.

Pali Windmills – some good info from Maui Guide Book can be found through the link. This hike offers incredible views of the island, and a chance to get up close to the massive windmills you see up on the mountains.

From the heights of the mountains, to the lush valleys, Maui has some of the most incredible views, amazing plant and animal life, and unique places to explore! I love a good day to get out, run around in the sunshine, and finish with a great meal after my work out!

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