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The Juicy Tricks for the Bridal Glow

Shine from the inside out

Maui Bridal Glow

In all my years of being a makeup artist I always say one thing “makeup looks best on skin that doesn’t need makeup”. Skin that is hydrated and radiant is the best canvas for a face full of makeup. Although makeup is a great tool to ‘cover’ skin’s imperfections, it’s best to supplement the skin from the inside out so that the makeup is more for the accentuating rather than the covering of the skin.

So how do you get skin that looks hydrated, nourished, and radiant from within? Let me tell you a little secret about the power of juicing plants. I know I know, you’ve heard about juice cleanses and it is a trend these days, but it really works when you combine the right fresh ingredients. I’ve seen it for myself and often will do a 3 days juice protocol before I have an important photoshoot.

Upon waking:

7:00am: 16 oz cup lemon water

7:30am: 16 oz fresh organic celery juice

  • Water

9:00am: 16oz beet/carrot/lemon/ginger/apple

  • Water

11:00am: Bone broth (or mushroom broth if you are vegan) and a big big salad! Can add chickpeas or lentils for some protein

  • Water

1:00pm: Beet/carrot/lemon/ginger/apple

  • Water

3:00pm: Celery/cucumber/lemon/parsley

5:00pm: Big big salad full of all the colors in the rainbow and a lean protein

If you do this 3-7 days up to your wedding day I promise you, your skin will be glowing from within (not to mention cheekbones popping out because you probably lost 3-5 lbs too haha) The combination of detoxing from foods that cause inflammation (gluten, alcohol, meat, soy, dairy) and adding a ton of fresh squeezed nutrients and a ton of water will hydrate those cells and even make your eye balls super white which makes you look even better in photos and real life.

Look like a million bucks on your wedding day, then you can eat all the yummy desserts and drink champagne guilt free.

I’ve added a link here to how to juice and what kind of juicer you may want to look into. I personally have used both the Breville (a bladed juicer) and the Hurom (a slow juicer) and I think both have their pros and cons. I do think the quality of Hurom juicer is better quality juice over all…

Happy juicing and can’t wait to see how this worked for you! Let me know!

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