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One Week to Wedding Countdown

Be prepared for your big day

It’s finally here, all the planning, all the organization, all the anticipation. It’s go time, and I know you want nothing more than to be the most radiant, present, glowing version of yourself. Truth be told… I’ve never actually been married therefor have not attended own wedding, but Ive been around more brides than I can count and I know that with the traveling, coordinating, rehearsal dinners and organizing everyone schedules, it can be overwhelming!

So I really thought about what the perfect week leading up to the wedding day might look like and how to ramp up your self-care game so that you can show up on your wedding day calm, cool, collected and with skin and body that radiates.

If you are anything like me I wait till the very last minute and then find myself calling all my places trying to make last minute appointments and then running around feeling scattered and rushed.

So I put together a timeline for you. Its a little ‘extra’ but this is your big big day… and I figure this is for the bride that might need a little extra pampering the week leading up to her wedding day- There are a lot of last minute details that you may not think of, so if you have it planned out the week before and do something every day, by the wedding time you will be put together head to toe!

(Also *bonus*… even if you aren’t getting ‘wedding ready’ this is a SELF CARE on steroids kinda week that can be implemented any time you need a radiance boost)

Let’s say your wedding is on a Friday, so you should start this regime the Friday before:


Start your nightly facial masks (link here) Or try out this affordable DIY honey and oat recipe from Kale & Carmel – . Also start consciously upping your water intake. One thing that will significantly make your skin glow is hydration. Often time traveling can also dehydrate you (if you are doing a destination wedding). Try aim for the amount of 3 big hydroflasks (the 32 oz) so total of 100oz a day. Not a water drinker? Make it delicious with pineapple slices and some mint. Or, if you are really going for it- you can also start a juice cleanse (see post about Maui Bridal Glow)…


Bikini and brow wax with esthetician- for those honeymoon vibes. It’s good to do this about a week before hand so you don’t have any redness or initial allergic reactions. This would also be a good day to make a hair appointment if you have some ‘sparkles’ aka white hairs and want them covered (or is that just me cuz I actually started going gray in high school! So I’ve been covering my grays now for 20 years…)


IF you have access to a Korean day spa or full body scrub at a spa, this is a perfect day to completely scrub off all dead skin to leave your whole body smooth, soft, and glowing AF. If not, make your own spa day with some DIY scrubs of sugar, olive oil, and essential oils and lather up so you can be silky soft and skin nourished (here are some inexpensive DIY scrubs from our fave at Kale & Caramel)


Take a yoga class! This week is gonna be a little nuts, if you can do some restorative yoga and take this time to center your mind, you will be more present and relaxed and avoid the bridal burnout! Do something restorative and centering, or if you are like me, and heated is more your style, get your sweat on and release your anxiety!


Nails done- mani/pedi- get er done! (if you want them to last I recommend getting Gel nails- I don’t usually advocate for these, but sometimes they come in handy for long lasting nails!). If you are against Gel and just like the good ol polish, see if you can buy that color for the day of for touchups.


Spray tan – make sure you have done your research and read reviews about the results. Also know what depth you want- are you looking for a slight sun kiss glow, or a deeper, bronzer tan. For some general tips on how to prep for your spray tan check out this post (Spray tan FAQ). You typically want to do a spray tan 1-3 days before the wedding and depending on your activities like pool, hot tub, ocean time will determine how long it will last.


Collagen facial and Massage! Getting a boost of collagen to the skin the day before the wedding will help your skin radiate and a massage can help you look and feel your very best… If you have a rehearsal dinner this night, it might also be a good day to book your hair/makeup trial so that you can a) look fab for your rehearsal dinner and b) feel super confident in your look for your wedding day. (Tip: Once you have your wedding look down ask your stylists to change it slightly for the rehearsal dinner! Or save the extra special details like lashes for the wedding day)- The night before the wedding its a good idea to abstain from alcohol and super salty foods to decrease bloating and keep skin looking its best.


Get a good night rest (at least 7 hours if you can) and spend some solo time in the morning simply meditating and focusing on breath. The day is going to go by so fast! It’s so important to remember to be in the moment and consciously come back to your breath many times during the day- time vortex trick it actually will slow down time! Do some light stretching or yoga in the morning to center your body and prepare you for a huge day of social interactions, prepping and priming, and dancing all night with your beloved.

Eat a balanced breakfast that has some good grounding protein- like an egg white omelet, or oatmeal with almond butter and berries. If you are a champagne drinker, start the imbibing a little closer to the ceremony time so you don’t end up with a headache before the walk down the aisle.

And remember to simply ENJOY! Listen to your favorite tunes and be excited for what’s to come,

ENJOY YOU GLOWING RADIANT PAMPERED SMELL GOOD QUEEN!!!!! (And like I said, even if you aren’t prepping for a wedding, these are simply great ideas for anytime you need to feel beautiful and pampered inside and out)

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