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How to Choose a Makeup Artist

We got you!

I know, it can be a daunting task, to choose a stylist for your big day – you want someone that will understand your look, be able to execute that style, and also someone that you feel 100% comfortable being totally open with too. The last thing you want is a diva makeup artist on your wedding day who is more concerned with her own look than your vision.

Here are some tips for making sure you make the right choice on your wedding day:

  • Check their social media. Duh lol. This is the first step to seeing someone’s daily work and recent creations. Do you see styles and faces that are similar to your own? Is there a wide variation of looks, or is it the same style just done on many different faces. Also look at their stories, and get a sense of personality and vibe- is that someone you want on your wedding day? Also, if you are looking for an actual bridal stylist then the majority of their work should be brides- not models, or commercial work. Bridal styles require certain products for long-lasting beauty…
  • Back it up with a website. Social media is a great tool, no doubt- but its one thing to be insta-famous, and quite the other to have an actual business website that supports the service. Why is having a website important? It shows that this stylist is serious about her commitment to her job and craft. It shows a basic level of customer service, and it is a way to further give you more info on the team.
  • Schedule a phone call. Sometimes just chatting to your stylist will ease your mind and give you a deeper sense of peace knowing that the voice is attached to a real human which is hard to get a sense of, even through instagram or the website. Little tip, email, or text ahead of time to set up an actual time- cold calling and bombarding your stylist with questions when they are either working on another gig, or with their families, does not always go over well (haha, this is personal)
  • Read reviews. Some sites we love are Wedding Wire, The Knot, Yelp, and Google reviews. Even if the stylist had a negative review, look at how they handled it- sometimes you can’t please everyone, and there are certainly unhappy brides out there that on amount of makeup can fix what is going on inside, so see what the concern is, and how the stylist handled it. And then focus on all the great reviews. Know that even the best stylists will have bad reviews.
  • Ask your wedding coordinator- a lot of times your wedding coordinator will have worked with these stylists before and can give you their professional opinions on the caliber of work and professionalism. (Just know that some coordinators also get a kick-back from stylists, so take what they say with a grain of salt and back it up with your own research 😉
  • Budget – A lot of times budget comes into this decision. How much are you willing to spend on your styling and day-of experience? Are you willing to make the investment to ensure that you look and feel your very best and what packages does the stylist offer. Are there options for upgrades, are there hidden fees, can the stylist come to you- these are all budget questions that will come into consideration.
  • How long has the stylist been working in the industry. There is something to be said for experience- You want a stylist that is an expert at their craft, not someone who is using you as a practice head, you are a masterpiece- a mastered piece. Choose someone who has experience in many skin tones, hair types, ages, and races. Ask what their experience level is and how long they have been doing it.
  • Go with your gut- your first intuition is the one you need to honor. Who do you feel connected to, whose work really speaks to you, who do you want there on your wedding day. Someone’s energy can light up a room, or suck it dry. Do you want someone that is bubbly and energetic, or are you needing a calm, quiet energy to keep you centered. A good bridal stylist will be able to adjust to your needs and be intuitively adaptable.
  • How is their email response- a lot of times artists are just that- artists, but when it comes to responding to emails, sending out contracts, invoices, and checking in on your timeline and info, days or weeks can go by before you get a response. This might go with your flow, or you might want someone who is going to answer you within 24 hours and if he/she can’t, will let you know. The last thing you want on the list of wedding tasks, is waiting for someones response not knowing when they will get back to you.
  • Book a trial! If you have the budget for it, and it is something that is reeeaaallly important to you- ask if the stylist can arrange a trial so you can get to know him/her, see their process, get a feel for their energy, and see if they can execute your look! The most important thing in these trials is communication- are you able to communicate with them, do they listen to you or are they doing the same look they do on everyone else. Finding a stylist that really listens to you is of the utmost importance on your wedding day.

Hope this helps when choosing a bridal stylist! I know it can feel like the biggest decision ever, so sometimes having a checklist will give you the power to make the best informed decision, and settle any of those pre-wedding nerves. I know you will make the best choice for you, and wish you the best wedding day experience from first email to last dance.

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