my family’s boat business Trilogy Excursions flourished there- all my earliest memories and most of my youth was spent running around the harbor docks or baking cinnamon rolls in the hot Lahaina kitchen with my mama for our boat tours. Maybe you have some sweet Lahaina memories as well… it certainly carries so much history- for our people it was the royal capital for King Kamehameha before it became a bustling whaling port, and then the beloved colorful tourist destination. It was also the home to many of our Kanaka and old time Hawaiian families. 

I was born and raised in Lahaina…

The fires were beyond devastating, and we are still in a process of healing, rebuilding and imagining a better future so that we do not make the same tragic oversites. 

Supporting Lahaina and Maui is something MAB is passionate about… When you choose MAB you can know that a portion of your fees goes directly to community driven initiatives. Choosing to have your wedding on Maui and using local vendors is one of the best ways you can support the rebuilding of our island. 

Along with supporting Lahaina focused organizations, we have always been supportive of planting more native trees, preserving Maui’s land from overdevelopment, and supporting Maui’s at-risk youth program. Read more about how MAB helps Maui and how you can too. 

Organizations We Work With:

Since 1947, Imua Family Services has been providing quality care so that children of all abilities can play to their full potential. We love that they focus on supporting single mamas and keiki with special needs. 

MAB has been a part of IMUA annual fundraiser by donating makeup services to event performers. We just hit 10 years!

Imua Family Services

Kipuka Olowalu — a Maui nonprofit organization — believes in a holistic ahupuaʻa approach to managing the ecosystem that extends from the mountain to the sea — because it’s all connected! Their team works to restore the land and protect the biodiversity of Olowalu “Maui’s Mother” Reef through projects such as loʻi restoration, native planting, invasive species removal, and much more!


By supporting HILT we have been able to buy parts of Maui and start the process of restoration and reforestation with native plants. Every year our big fundraiser By Back The Beach invites the Maui community to enjoy a traditional Lu’au to fund the purchase of more land that will be kept out of the developer market. In this way we can ensure the sacred parts of Maui will not only be protected, but also restored. 

Hawaiian Island Land Trust 

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Proceeds go back to support Lahaina community affected by the fires.