Experience & Expertise

Our team of highly skilled Maui makeup artists cannot wait to turn your bridal makeup style dreams into a reality. From your walk down the aisle to the last dance, we understand why long-lasting beauty is so important. With MeiLi Autumn Beauty, you get the best products and the best application techniques to ensure your makeup is absolutely stunning. No correction… to ensure that you are absolutely stunning. The makeup is never the focus, simply an enhancement for the natural beauty that every bride possesses.

Being the best Maui makeup artists means we understand the power of a good contour / highlight done right. And that bridal glow people talk about, is one of our fortes. Let us know if you are looking for the no-makeup, makeup look. Or if you want a glam-bride style. Or maybe a unique request all your own. We can absolutely customize your specific beauty needs. Ultimately, know that you will be radiant for hours in person and in photographs.

The best makeup artists in Maui can do it all

With years of experience and a keen eye for subtleties, we confidently approach any skin tone and ethnicity. Brides often choose Hawaii for their destination wedding, this means as Maui makeup artists we have to be diverse in our style skillsets. Read our reviews, we come highly recommended by Asian brides, African American Brides, Latina Brides, Filipina Brides, Indian Brides, and all women of color from every continent! Every one of our Maui brides is very special, and we look forward to working with you.

Services we offer

Bridal Makeup Application
Bridesmaids/Mom Makeup Application
Brow Shaping
Airbrush Makeup
Tattoo coverup
Body Touchups (for uneven skin tones, tan lines, bruises, blemishes)
Fake Lash Application (both strip lash and individual)