Maui Bridal Spa Services

The Spa Brought to you

Our vision for our brides is to bring the very best spa services by one of Maui’s top estheticians to the comfort of her hotel room to optimize her wedding day experience. We believe there is no price-tag on a stress-free wedding day and getting in room spa services is a luxurious must-do!

Maui Bridal Spa group organic spray tan
google_flower_png24ORGANIC SPRAY TAN

Maui brides usually want the ‘sun-kissed’ look. Unfortunately, some times our powerful sun can do a little more than ‘kissing’ the skin leaving unsightly tan lines, and often a sun burn. Get the Maui glow the safe and affordable way with a spray tan. Our tanning solution uses DHA derived from organic Sugar Beets, and is 100% paraben free. Whether you are looking for a medium golden tone or a deep tropical tan we will customize the color to fit your specific needs. Treat yourself to a healthy, safe, and natural airbrush bronzed look without tan lines or dangerous UV rays. (recommended 1-3 days before wedding day)

Maui Bridal Spa Collagen Facial
google_flower_png24BRIDAL COLLAGEN FACIAL

This facial is specifically designed for brides to ensure skin looks its absolute best for their wedding day. Our secret is using highly concentrated Medical Grade Organic Collagen to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level. The result is visibly lifted, firmer, hydrated skin with diminished fine lines and wrinkles. No extractions are performed in this facial so there is never any concern of breakouts or redness. We can’t recommend this treatment enough! Completely preps the skin for the most flawless makeup results. Recommended 1-2 days before wedding. Great for the groom too! 60 MIN

Maui bridal spa in room group spray tan
google_flower_png24GROUP SPRAY TAN

Have your whole wedding party experience the wonder of a golden tan without tan lines or risk of burning.  (3 or more)

maui bridal spa in room bikini wax service
google_flower_png24BIKINI WAX

In case you didn’t have time before you arrived to take care of some personal grooming, let the best bikini waxer in the islands take good care of you.